Session 1: Plenary Opening
Drivers, barriers and outlook for Latin America’s off-grid, utility-scale and commercial & industrial PV segments
Session 2: Financing Latin America’s Solar Future
Keys to unlocking access to low-cost capital for solar PV projects and overcoming financing hurdles

Session 3A: Utility-Scale
Keys to Building a Growth Environment

Session 3B: Commercial & Industrial
Structuring a Bankable Private PPA

Session 3C: Off-Grid/Mini-Grid
Opportunities Beyond the Grid

Session 4A: Utility-Scale
Gaining Access to Low-Cost Capital

Session 4B: Commercial & Industrial
Structuring a Bankable Private PPA

Session 4C: Off-Grid/Mini-Grid
Business Models and Financing

Session 5: In-Depth Market Sessions
3 Separate tracks Focusing on Understanding Trends and Building Market-Specific Strategies for Success

Session 5A: Brazil

Session 5B: Colombia

Session 5C: Central America

Session 6A: Argentina

Session 6B: Mexico

Session 6C: Caribbean

Session 7: Closing Plenary: Future Trends and Outlook for solar PV in Latin America
Examining disruptive global trends with an impact on solar PV and building the business models of tomorrow
Session 8: Networking/Matchmaking